Our mission is simple: tap-in to global happiness. Happstr is about challenging yourself to check-in every time you are happy, and share that happiness with your friends. Research shows that your happiness can be easily elevated by the network effect of those around you. Happstr is also about exploring the happiness of those around you. With Happstr you can find your happy place.


How Happstr Uses Social Media

An interview with team member Andrea on how Happstr uses social media. Thanks Laura Lee Walker!

We’re on Mashable!

Why build a happiness map? The Startup Bus answer, co-creator Ricky Robinett says, is that people might one day pay to track their happiness like they do their fitness. There’s also an opportunity for brands to sponsor some happiness. But, at least when he’s not competing in a contest for which business model is a criteria, Robinett says Happstr is really just a sincere effort at making the world a better place.

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Fox News Covers the New York Startupbus

Fox News covers the bus, and profiles each of the companies on the bus. Check out what the most excellent Jen Gergen has to say about Happstr!

New Yorkers Get Creative: Meet the NYC StartupBus

Bloomberg Loves the Startupbus

The three Wi-Fi-fitted buses rolled into town yesterday from New York, Cincinnati, and Washington. There are 11 such vehicles in total, driving from cities around the country, carrying a combined 336 passengers who will try to conceive and launch their own startup businesses along the way. There they’ll join the other “tribes” to compete and present their fledgling companies to investors. Earlier that morning in Nashville, they’ve just had a two-hour “mentoring session” with local entrepreneurs and are now packing up for the next leg down South.

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